What do you think of Facility Engagement at our Site?

Doctors of BC is conducting a survey to gather opinions about Facility Engagement to support the Specialist Services Committees’ (SSC) provincial evaluation of the initiative. All Physicians and Health Authority Leaders are encouraged to participate in the survey. We receive funding each year from Facility Engagement to compensate physicians to engage with the health authority in plans and decisions that affect our workplace and patient care.  This is a critical program for us. Having a wide variety of practical perspectives, including yours, will support the SSC to appropriately evaluate the value and impact of the initiative, and help determine how it moves forward at our site and regional levels, and across the province.

If you haven’t already participated, please take 10-15 minutes to complete this survey by August 9th, 2021:


Thank you!  We appreciate your participation to support our MSA and physician society, and our provincial partner in this evaluation.