Multidisciplinary Meeting Claim Form

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Meeting Feedback

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Criteria for approval (all must be met for payment to be confirmed):

  • Multidisciplinary meeting (i.e. not physicians only).
  • Meeting focused on LMH Operations (LMH patient care, quality, work environment).
  • Invited by LMH Manager, Senior Admin, or Dept Head.
  • Participation not implied by reason of title (eg Dept Head) or for maintenance of privileges.
  • Not already being reimbursed for participation via another funding source.

Submitted claims will be reviewed by LMH FE leads for approval.

  • Approved payments will be calculated using current GPSC/SSC sessional rates. Time rounded to nearest ¼ hour.
  • Approved payments will be direct deposit via LMH Facility Engagement Management System (FEMS) and Versapay. Go online to and ; and follow instructions to enrol.
  • Payment will be contingent on LMH FE funding availability for this initiative in the given fiscal term.
  • Deadline: Claim forms must be submitted within one month of the meeting date.
  • Repeated (>6) meetings (eg monthly committee meetings) are asked to submit separate LMH FE Project Intent (Project Intent forms available upon request from or
Physician Declaration