Gender Equity Survey Results

In June, Doctors of BC engaged members on the topic of gender equity in BC medicine using our Bang the Table engagement platform. A new What We Heard Report outlines member feedback, and next steps.

    •  How will members hear about it?
      • Sept 15 In Circulation included a link to a news article and the report, followed by social media updates, and further newsletter pieces.
    •  Gender Equity in BC Medicine: Member feedback
      • 53% of respondents are specialists, 42% are family physicians and the remaining 5% selected neither option.
      • 143 surveys were completed, include 503 comments to open-ended questions, and 123 contributions were shared to our ideas board.
    •  Key themes included:
      • Gender bias
      • Referral bias
      • Gender income disparities Need for more research on this issue
      • Challenges to work-life integration for female physicians
      • Lack of female representation at leadership level, and more.
      • Members also offered potential solutions. This information will assist the Council on Health Economics and Policy (CHEP) in policy development.
    •  Spread the word
      • Please share with any physicians who may be interested in the area.
    •  Contact: If you have any questions about the engagement, please email policyandplanning@doctorsofbc.ca.