What do you think of Facility Engagement at our Site?

Doctors of BC is conducting a survey to gather opinions about Facility Engagement to support the Specialist Services Committees’ (SSC) provincial evaluation of the initiative. All Physicians and Health Authority Leaders are encouraged to participate in the survey. We receive funding each year from Facility Engagement to compensate physicians to engage with the health authority […]

Physician Parking Lot Update

Whats Happening? The temporary access ramps within the physician parking lot will be removed. 2 parking stalls will be reinstated. Physician Impact To protect surrounding vehicles, 3 parking stalls surrounding each ramp will be temporarily closed & barricaded (total of 6 stalls When: Thursday, May 27 Time: 0530-1730 Parking continues to be permitted in the […]

Pediatric Education Hour

Langley Memorial Hospital Pediatric’s department has initiated the “Pediatric Education Hour”. The topics have been carefully curated and relate to the needs of LMH. These are scheduled every second Friday of the month between 7:45 am to 8:45 am. Look out for emails from the MSA for zoom invites. This supported by the Facility Engagement […]

AGM Meeting

The third combines LMH Physician Association and MSA  Annual General Meeting concluded on 25th November and with almost 50 percent of its members participating. Dr. Michael Goodwin, MSA Vice President, having completed his term, stepped down and Dr.Patricia Lyle was elected unanimously by the members. Dr. Lyle is an emergency physician and very eager to […]

Important Update: Physician Parking at LMH

Lower Mainland Integrated Protection Services (LMIPS) has partnered with HangTag to implement an electronic permit (ePermit) digital platform in order to eliminate the use of paper passes and hangers. An ePermit is a programmed set of parking privileges that are requested through the HangTag ePermit Portal. Once approved by Parking Administration, your licence plate(s) will […]

MSA JCC Sessional Rate Adjustment

In May 2019, the Facility Engagement Initiative’s funding for physicians was held at the pre-PMA sessional rates of $134.77 for family physicians and $158.97 for specialists while the Joint Clinical Committee rate parity issue was deliberated at provincial tables. The Physician Services Committee has approved that physicians of both groups – family and specialist physicians […]


MSA Meeting/Facility Engagement AGM – November 25th at 6pm and 7pm respectively. This will be via Zoom – invite to follow – but for those that RSVP – we will also send you a $40 voucher to have food delivered to your home. So please RSVP! Dr. Mike Goodwin’s term is coming to an end […]

November Grand Rounds

Here is the schedule for the November Virtual Grand Rounds at LMH. The Grand rounds are held every Tuesday between 8:00 am and 9:00 am over Zoom. The Zoom invites are emailed out to the MSA members and the division weekly newsletter also carries this information. 3rd November: Morbidity Cases: Heart Failure Management, Dr. Saeed […]