About Us

Who We Are

The Langley Memorial Hospital Medical Staff Association is comprised of the physicians, dentists, and midwives who hold a permit to practice in the facilities and programs operated by Langley Memorial Hospital, and who have been appointed to the Medical Staff. Currently, there are approximately 160 members with Active, Associate or Provisional Privileges. 

What Do We Value




What Is Our Core Purpose

“Our purpose is to engage with and advocate on behalf of our members, and to support them in their wellness so they can provide excellent patient care in a safe and enjoyable work environment.”

What Is Our Vision

  1. Support Physician and Medical Staff Wellness
  2. Support Workplace Psychological Safety
  3. Support Organisational Clarity and Sustainability
  4. Collaborate Effectively with Fraser Health Authority

What Are Our Strategic Priorities

  1. Support and Enhance Medical Staff Experience
  2. Improve Quality of Healthcare and Service Delivery
  3. Strengthen Relationships between Fraser Health Authority and Medical Staff
  4. Strengthen and Clarify MSA/Facility Engagement Structure


President: Dr. Navneet Sidhu

Vice President: Dr. Zuheir Abrahams

Secretary/Treasurer: Dr. Audrey Da Costa